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Mike Uda is running for the Montana Senate because he has an agenda to better the lives of Montanans. First, and probably most important at the outset, is his commitment to fight for an increase in Montana’s minimum wage, from $ 8.30 per hour to $15.00 per hour.


Eight dollars and thirty cents per hour amounts to just over $17,000 annually. I have to wonder how anybody can provide decent shelter, food, clothing, medical care, transportation, and educational needs for one or more children on such a small sum. There are children in Montana going to bed hungry every night. As somebody who loves Montana deeply, this thought shames me and I know we can do better.


One way we can do better is to elect Mike Uda and others like him who are committed to raising Montana’s minimum wage. This is more than just a moral and ethical imperative; it is the ultimate practical approach to our state and country’s economic problems. What makes our economy strong is money changing hands. It’s me buying bread, the baker buying supplies and paying wages, and all the ways that money travels from hand to hand creating a vibrant economy where there is a place for everyone who can work.

People who have no money to buy things create sellers who cannot sell their goods. The economy goes stagnant. Money in a vault helps nobody. By contrast, the people to whom a raise in the minimum wage is a big deal are the ones who put all their money back in the system because they need to spend most or all of it in order to survive.


The raise in the minimum wage that Michael Uda wants to bring about will be good for people and good for the economy. Mike is determined, focused, intelligent and smart, energetic, and capable of being a real pain in the whatever when he pushes to accomplish something that is good for people. I know this for a fact because I have known him since before he was born.


Yes, okay, I’m his mom. And this is who he is. He’s trustworthy, and if anybody can get the job done, he’s your man.


Joan Uda


Daniel Madison - "When I learned that Michael was running for office I was surprised. Mike is one of the smartest and most principled people I know. Not, you know, your usual politician. He cares about the truth, and he digs to find it. His clear thinking and compassion for others will be huge asset in your legislature, and he will work hard for all the people of Helena and Montana. It is an honor to endorse him."

Sean O'Connor - "Good guy, paying attention to important issues and working to effect positive change for the working person."

Mike Field

Daniel White Eagle Thiessen

Jason Amsk

Asa Young - "One of the best people I know! Blessed to know him and his involvement with the state of Montana will benefit greatly!"

Alex Lee